Welcome to SMOKE training

The headline says it all really.  Thanks for dropping by SMOKE training.

What are we all about anyway?

Well most likely you have come here in search of information about the newly released & redesigned editing and effects application Smoke on Mac 2013 from Autodesk.

I’ll just be clear about one thing from the start.  We are in no way connected to affiliated with Autodesk, Autodesk Smoke or any of it’s products.  

We are just simply fans of Autodesk finishing systems, having worked on numerous versions of Smoke and Flame throughout the years.  We are as excited as all of your in what this revamp of the Autodesk Smoke brings.

What we are looking to provide here at SMOKE training is short easy to follow video tutorials, tips and tricks to get you up to speed in Autodesk Smoke on Mac 2013.  As Editors, Compositors or colorists we have very little time to learn new skills. We don’t have the time to watch 30-40 minutes of a tutorial to find that one piece of information.

We think watching a tutorial for around 2-3 minutes is much more realistic when you lead a busy schedule.  So that’s what we aim to deliver here.  Some tutorials WILL be longer as the the topic requires….and some will probably be shorter!

As an experienced Smoke / Flame artist will you learn anything here?…probably not.  The whole goal is to open up the toolset that Smoke on Mac 2013 has to offer to a much wider audience.

With the significant user interface redesign and price reduction it has opened the world of editing and effects finishing to a much wider group of users.

Many users will be dipping their toes in the land of Smoke for the very time. Hopefully the straight-forward tutorials we will produce will help you out as you get up to speed in Smoke on Mac 2013.

Oh, did we mention the price we charge for our tutorials?  $39.99…No….$19.99….No… about $1…No that’s still too much.

That’s right, enjoy our FREE Smoke Tutorial library.  Join our mailing list at the top right of this page to be informed about future tutorial updates and offerrings here at SMOKE training.


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