06042012 - Smoke Beta Delayed

Smoke 2013 Trial Beta Delayed

The excitement built as Monday the 4th of June approached, with the anticipation of the release into the wild of the Smoke on Mac 2013 beta.

To the disappointment of many, the beta never arrived.

I would imagine the engineers at Autodesk HQ have been burning the midnight oil to get this beta to a stage that they are happy with.

The delay was was noted earlier in the day by Smoke evangelist Marc-André Ferguson known as @iluminance on Twitter.

Even though this is only a beta release, I think they would be trying to put out as close to the real thing as they can.  After all the hype of the FCP X release last year by Apple, and then it’s arrival that was met by initial widespread disapproval, I think Autodesk want to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible.

The fact that they are delaying the arrival of only a beta release, this can be only a good sign.  It signals that Autodesk are not prepared to release something that is not fitting of the build up they have given to their revamped software.

This is their chance to seize a large portion of the dismayed post production sector following the demise of FCP7 and they know that.

A few days, a week or two delay…who knows.  But all signs point to a release by Autodesk that WILL “Change Everything”.

Keep an eye on the Autodesk Smoke for Mac website, and keep an eye on the #AutodeskSmoke hash tag on twitter for any talk relating to Smoke 2013.

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