FXPHD - Smoke Fundamentals

Smoke Fundamentals from FXphd

Experienced Flame artists John Montgomery and Mike Seymour from FXphd have released new training for the SMOKE 2013 pre-release beta.

There is over 5 hours of training to get new users to SMOKE up and running.  The good thing about FXphd training is you always get good hints and tips along the way from the experienced users that you would never find in a manual.

Here’s a brief snippet from their site to explain all about it.

The course, intended for users who have never worked on Smoke or Flame, starts out by working through an example edit. This includes reinforcing core editing techniques and workflow by editing a variety of footage, graphics, audio, and more — exactly the kind of standard tasks you would do for finishing a project. The course then dives into looking at many different tools and tasks such as Colour Correction, Keying, and Connect FX


The course priced at $99 USD is very competitive if you are serious about SMOKE 2013 and stepping up your skills.

Head over to the SMOKE 2013 fundamentals page at FXphd to get more information.


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