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SMOKE training on the web

Wit the re-invention of SMOKE on Mac on 2013, a great part of the development has been placed on what end users want from the software.

The same idea stands true here at SMOKE training.

Many of you have asked about having different ways of viewing our tutorials.  Well just like how the Autodesk SMOKE team are listening to your thoughts over at the AREA , we’ve been sorting through your emails with suggestions of improving our site.

Some of you like Facebook, others view lots of content in Youtube, many of you prefer Vimeo and some even rave about the pluses of Google.

So why not use whatever works for you?

SMOKE training on Facebook

SMOKE training on Youtube

SMOKE training on Vimeo

SMOKE training on Twitter

SMOKE training on Google+

And of course everything is still available  here on the SMOKE training website.

That’s more work for me – but hopefully less hassle for you.  Choose your favourite and keep learning with Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2013 and SMOKE training

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