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Smoke 2013 Pre-Release Trial V3 Released

Just a quick heads up about the SMOKE 2013 pre-release trial.  Version 3 of the pre-release trial has been released with a number of fantastic new features.

Head over to the Autodesk SMOKE 2013 trial page to download the latest version.


Some important information about upgrading pre-release V2 projects to this latest version can be found on the Smoke 2013 Wiki


From the Autodesk Smoke 2013 Wiki


Note Autodesk Smoke Pre-Release Trial 2 projects can be converted into Autodesk Smoke Pre-Release Trial 3 projects. In order to convert projects and/or data created using Autodesk Smoke Pre-Release Trial 2 in Autodesk Smoke Pre-Release Trial 3 software visit


Source: Smoke 2013 Wiki

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