Keep up to date with the latest News, Tips and Tricks on Autodesk SMOKE 2013 with the many resources availiable

SMOKE 2013 from Autodesk has officially been released
For such newly released software, there currently is a fast growing community popping up on the internet with dedicated resources for learning all about the software.
Bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep up to date with all things SMOKE 2013 on the internet.


Autodesk Smoke Learning Channel

Head over to the official Autodesk Smoke learning channel. Availiable for free on both Youtube and iTunes.

Autodesk Smoke Signals on Itunes

For the latest news and information about Autodesk Smoke, checkout SMOKE Signals.
All the latest goings-on directly from the Autodesk Smoke 2013 team.


Autodesk Smoke 2013 User Forum

The official Autodesk Smoke 2013 user forum.
This should be your first port of call to get help from other Smoke 2013 users and from the Autodesk Smoke 2013 support team themselves.

Also the landing page for everything Smoke related at the “AREA” by Autodesk.


Autodesk Smoke Facebook Community

Check out the offiicial Smoke 2013 Facebook page.
Get the latest news and information directly from Autodesk, and mix with other fans of the software.


Autodesk Smoke 2013 Documentation Wiki

Read the official documentation for Smoke 2013 at the Autodesk Smoke 2013 Wiki Help pages.


Ken Larue Blog over at the AREA

Join Autodesk Smoke guru Ken LaRue in his own blog as he shares all the latest news, tips, and tutorials.


Also check out this extensive list of videos dedicated to getting you up to speed in Smoke 2013 by learning all the top shortcuts and hot keys to boost your editing efficiency through the roof!—short-cuts-amp-hot-keys-for-dynamic-editing-and-much-more


Autodesk Team on Twitter

Are you a fan of Twitter?  Follow some of the key people behind Autodesk Smoke 2013 Software.

Smoke Evangelist Marc-André Ferguson

SeniorProduct Marketing Manager Marc Hamaker 

Autodesk Media & Entertainment

Flame / Smoke Snr User Experience Designer Frédéric Warren


Smoke Editor Brian Mulligan

Experienced Autodesk Smoke editor Brian Mulligan (@BKMeditor) is contributing his wealth of knowledge of all things Smoke to the community.

Over at he is writing a continuing blog series about Smoke 2013.

Brian is also the author of the “101 burning questions answered about Smoke” blog post.  A definite post to read to see what Smoke 2013 has to offer.
If you have a question about Smoke – well it’s most likely been answered in this post.  A great read!

Do you have a question about Smoke?
Brian is a regular contributor to the Smoke community providing assistance to users over at the Autodesk Smoke 2013 forum at the AREA as well.


Join the Smoke 2013 discussion on Twitter

To join in the community discussion on Twitter, search and use the following hash tags.

#AutodeskSmoke #Smoke2013  #ConnectFX

The expert Smoke 2013/ Flame 2013 tutorials are appearing thick and fast over at
Joel even provides the source footage for you to download with many of his tutorials.


Creative Cow Autodesk Smoke Forum

Join the user community over at the Creative Cow Smoke 2013 forum.  Actively monitored by Autodesk. Scruffy Smoke Challenge

Take part in regular SMOKE challenges over at – Your host Kanen Flowers (@kanendosei)


FXPHD Smoke Fundamentals

There is a Smoke Fundamentals course available for small fee over at
Taught by John Montgomery and Mike Seymour, they share their wealth of Smoke knowledge and real world experience in an instantly downloadable course that spans 10 classes.


Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan has taken a look and Autodesk Smoke 2013 and shared his views.  Also check out 6 introductory tutorials he created for Autodesk Smoke on YouTube.



Smoke Training

There’s also a website called SMOKE training.  We’ve thrown together a few video tutorials to help people get started in SMOKE 2013

All the SMOKE training tutorials are also now in iTunes.  Subscribe to our SMOKE 2013 tutorial podcast to receive all the latest tutorials directly to your Mac, iphone and iPad.

SMOKE training website

SMOKE training on Vimeo

SMOKE training on Youtube

SMOKE training Introduction to ConnectFX on Youtube

SMOKE training on Twitter

SMOKE training on Facebook

SMOKE training on Google+